cage, words

squinting the tired spinning from my mind as i get dressed

the howl of words whipping up

a frothy frenzy as i attempt to close the cage

it is like if you have a day off and do not nothing it is fine

but if you have a day off and cannot do anything it is hell

same result

but one is forced on you

i do nothing of my own accord not because you made me, fate you seven toed abomination

just kidding fate

though could i tempt you with promises of more kittens in future prose for a shot at love today

don’t answer yet

think on it

but keep in mind this one is black with brightest green eyes

the words know i am going to be busy

but they tease with thoughts of her

the muse

the dream girl

last night the conniving bastard words gave me a dream where she called

so they get time out

and i am not happy with the alarm either

or the shower this morning

woke up grumpy

plan on cultivating it into an inferno of righteousness indignation

and thoughts of you

little quiet places in the midst of rage

a place to lay my head and think of sunshine and long walks

cotton candy clouds and certain joy

as i lash my anger like whips of lava and destroy all who dare cross my path

a smile just for you


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