matters, words

when i was little they never said it was gonna be this way

they never told me about the blues inside my head

i had dreams, i had goals, there were things i wanted to do

they never said it was just a long drawn out pain until you’re dead

if they had been honest with me, told me the stark cold reality, that it doesn’t matter what you wanna be, it’s just a short shitty ride then eternity

i could’ve pulled the emergency break and stopped the ride

i should’ve known something was up when grandpa died

when they made up stories of heaven in fact they lied

i asked all the right questions and believed them when they replied

but i listened and ate up all the lies, tried to be a big boy that never cries, never understood how quickly time flies, or in the end every one of us just dies

i never asked for this life of misery, never wanted all this responsibility, the false expectations of masculinity, the knowledge of life’s instability, the reckoning that comes with finality, they just moved on with incredibility, and they didn’t know it killed the kid in me, they had no idea all the shit i’d see, trapped in this land of fraility, the endless song of pain life would be

struggling with the torment and constant agony

no relief can be found medicinally

in this land of the brave and the not so free

pharmaceutical companies see opportunity

it’s all about profits not righting wrongs, it’s all about the money not making songs, it doesn’t even matter where your heart belongs, nothing really matters when the heart just longs

nothing really matters in this losing game

you don’t keep the fortune don’t keep the fame

don’t take the credit just pass the blame

and in the end they don’t know your name

and in the end its all the same

because in the end they don’t know your name

what the fuck’s my name


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