sunday, words

she stood in doorway

hands on her hips, nose in the air

she was mad


i would say it mattered but she left me over a year ago

her anger was a non factor

she didn’t take that very well

nor when i asked her to leave

instead she started to unbutton her shirt

i froze

how do i stop her

before she

and her shirt hit the floor

i am stronger than this

i won’t look

they are spectacular

i want to be mad

but somehow one of those nipples found itself into my mouth

i’m not gentle

she loves it

this is crazy

she came just to agitate me

piss me off with how great her life is without me

rub it in

and now my cock is in her mouth

this is moving to fast

my fingers are tangled in her hair

pulling it

she moans and speeds up

her hand is in her pants

rapidly flicking

i pull her to her feet by her hair

bend her over the couch

there is no love making here

as she screams into the pillow and i pound harder and harder into her

slapping her perfect round ass

hatred and anger

she comes and grips me tight

i explode inside of her and pull out

toss her the shirt and pants

as she scrabbles to put them on i open the door and ask her to go

she spews venom

i hand her some gum

she slaps me

but we both know she can’t hurt me any worse than she did before

she says she never wants to see me again

we both know it is a lie

next time i won’t open the door when she knocks

lies on top of lies on top of lies

another sunday in hell


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