dead men and whores

drove to the cemetery today
needed to get out
of the house
i didn’t intend
to go to a cemetery
just started driving
that is where i ended up
said hello
to clyde barrow
he didn’t say anything back
which is probably a good thing
if he had
i don’t know what i would have done

it was too early
for the whores to be out
i drove back home
i like to chat with them
their boss
doesn’t like me much
it is because i never rent the merchandise
he thinks
i’m a cop
but really
i’m just lonely
and whores don’t lie
unless you pay them too

same thing
with dead men
they don’t lie
except in the ground
dead men and whores
are always surrounded
by living things
that only care
about themselves


4 thoughts on “dead men and whores

  1. “whores don’t lie unless you pay them to” …… no reason to lie, they have seen and lived enough to know exactly what is ‘real’ and what’s not, who is ‘real’ and who’s not…..nothing hidden

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