tu vas me manquer

allow me my honesty
stepping out methodically
it’s just the beast in me
cut off from reality
awash with insanity
a past of poverty
flash frozen rigidity
of what is and what will never be
trying to sell my soul for recreational use, the wear and tear and all the abuse, the setting sun seems quite obtuse
random thoughts bring me to breaking, my cavalier heart yours for the taking, left battered and bruised and shaking
the power in the hands of the fools, given all the materials but no tools, expected to use plastics in place of jewels
fighting injustice is too much of a hassle, content to slave away at the master’s castle, always the serf never the vassal
let me share my point of view
it may be something new
but i believe it to be true
and after thinking it through
it maybe something hard to chew
something over which to stew
with not much else left to do
except whisper it to you
an endless life of unadulterated misery, painstakingly drawn out in lines of agony, the utmost of the purest sincerity
it doesn’t end like in a movie, no slow clap and smiles for everybody, just defeat in place of sweet victory
tears should be valid currency, the loss of youth and decency, no silver linings just complacency
giving up is now an institution, trying your hardest a no win solution, happiness just another pointless delusion
giving in, giving up, going home
tear it up, burn it down, let it go but there is no home for homeless hearts, free range loneliness let’s the flavor seep into the soil

bonsoir mademoiselle, tu vas me manquer


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