blinking lights 3

she stared at my blinking lights in confusion

what are these

either my phone or my heart is running low

you don’t know


do you

i’ve never seen those before

i thought that all of us had them

not me

then you’re not defective

i feel defective

they install then in the ones that no one notices or cares

you’re one of the lucky ones

don’t feel lucky

you should

if mine goes dead it’s back to the assembly line

you’ll keep going and going

while these lights keep blinking

keeping me awake at night

can’t keep them covered

always within sight

some days i say fuck it

and just try to fade away

if it’s me or my phone

i don’t care anyway

they can reprogram me

rebuild me anew

you don’t have to worry

you’re already the perfect you

it doesn’t feel that way

i don’t understand

me neither

maybe it’s because you have no indicators

to tell you any different

you can feel however you want

no one can tell you how to react or feel

you’re free

you’re not

i’m always reminded

by your blinking lights

my blinking lights

your light is within


and far more beautiful than any factory made

long after i fade away

you’ll still shine on

you believe that

i don’t have a choice

i need a dream to cling on to

before i say fuck it all

and fade from view



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