sleepless shanty

heavy eyelids

empty words echoing

do i sleep

or write another pensive ode

does it matter

in the long run

what’s another night of fitful sleep

another stop start smattering of words

i don’t deserve either but i feel like i need both

some days i feel like a pirate displaced from my proper time

a barrel of whiskey

a thimble of water

i could sail anywhere i please

beware the serpents at the edge of the world

and the union jack

plunder and pillage on the high sea

i bet pirates slept through the night

after frenetic battles on the stormy waves

i’m not waking every hour because my brain is out of whack

i’m out of whack from time

i seek me a woman my maiden most faire, she has the devil’s eyes and soft golden hair, and when i find her and sweep her away, she’ll keep all the monsters and demons at bay

she’ll help watch the stars twinklin in the sky, curse ye and than she’ll spit in ye’re eye, a pirate lass to join me on the ocean blue, and together we’ll sleep the whole night through

an angel and demon and fighter will do, the meanest of the lot of this pirate crew, she’ll love me and beat me and never stray, for she is the compass that guides me way

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