in this heliocentric stasis of wonder she is the sun in which my entirety revolves a lone bastion of beauty in a galaxy of utter hopelessness magnified devoid of dream she is a steady reminder an arrow always pointed at the dessicated echo of my heartbeat as it wheezes across the darkened skies of night […]

to the sun

i woke with great inspiration to write a poem the coffee is ready the puppy has been petted the sun has begun to rise the sun has begun to rise all other thoughts vanished as the light snuffed for days peeked up over the city now i sit embraced by the warmth some poems are […]


she made an origami lantern from the intestines of a slain lion for which to illuminate the darkness inside of my smile i tried to frown but the dull ache made movement torturous


she blazed across the darkness in my mind like a comet a falling star i threw myself under to catch unwilling to let her crash into the unforgiving earth just on the hope that light could flare once again keep my demons at bay

light in the dark

i am darkness seeping from the hidden stars, warlock, black cat with emerald eyes peering into the shadowed soul my blood drips across the soil, poppies sprout from the crimson rain, their milk bringing visions of madness to all she is the spot of purity in the oil of my soul, the glimmering light of […]

light plays in shadow

pt 1 she stands in front of the window golden light frames her naked body uncaring if a car drives by hits the pole out front again dust motes float in the air as if she stands in a sea of airborne glitter it isn’t clear yet if the sign outside referring to deadly curves […]

blinking lights 3

she stared at my blinking lights in confusion what are these either my phone or my heart is running low you don’t know no do you i’ve never seen those before i thought that all of us had them not me then you’re not defective i feel defective they install then in the ones that […]