fireflies dancing (900)

it rained molten metals

a curtain of sparks showering the ground as if struck from hephaestus himself

i luxuriated in them

this swarm of biting fireflies

dancing and bouncing off the hot concrete

it amazes me still

the lengths man will go to master the earth

the metallurgy and near magic of electrical impulses

did tesla see this is in his mind

these great loops and coils


he dreamt of wireless power

a gridless grid


this is a mockery

the clumsy hands of edison and his ilk

the rapists and destroyers

not content with a piece of the pie

but needing the entire thing

tin and all

and still

standing in a shower of slag

watching it bounce off of my arms as i stand in childlike wonder

the cooling bits turn invisible on the concrete floor

i wish i were barefoot in the lush grass of home

the dew soaking my calves as i run carelessly ever on

not trapped in this monument to greed and indulgence

wish tesla had had his way

it would be a better place i think

away from the terraforming implements

no wires dotting the horizon

but the fireflies dance

and i have no choice but to let them rain upon me

a sacrifice to the aether

i’m sorry mother

we know exactly what we wrought


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