darling, it’s raining

darling, it’s raining again
washing away the ugly
from the city
to run into the drains
then back to the tap
to be drank and pissed
into the sewers
it so wanted to find

darling, it’s raining again
burning drops of chemical haze
belched from the chimneys
to settle deep in the soil
so many different poisons
they are bound
to negate one another
before killing off their makers

darling, it’s raining again
a constant drizzle falling
from the sky to the stones
to bathe the land in dirt
filling my vision
with watery dismay
painful reminders in rivulets
that you aren’t sitting here

6 thoughts on “darling, it’s raining

      1. You may be right, and I really like your poetry. I will always be a hopeless romantic, believing that every single one of us deserves to ride off into the sunset of our best dreams no matter how acid the rain or broken our hearts. ♥.

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