color blind

the colors seem to bleed off of the page, pooling onto the floor and forming an ink blotch

as i stare at the stain it morphs and shifts

nothing matters in the black oblivion and i feel myself sliding down into it

a free fall into a shimmering lake of mercury that coalesces and forms a second skin around me

a liquid metal cocoon envelopes and suffocates me yet i give in willingly

time loses all meaning as i fade into the icy cold nothing of eternity

eyes closed i let this sensation take me where it wants, concern and caring gone like the colors of the world


3 thoughts on “color blind

  1. The colors of the world can be an invitation to live! The brilliance of a genius mind can burdensome? The brilliance of colors can revive! Once again…Another non hesitant, description piece of vulnerability, by you. Many great lines!


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