he seemed to be as perfectly unremarkable as damn near any of the bastards that walked around with chests puffed out in one size too small shirt to accentuate the slow drift from youthful muscle to middle age paunch the spiked up hair that sought to misdirect from the thinning with inarticulate gesticulations frozen in […]


she stared at herself in the mirror not recognizing the lined face that looked back dusk had fallen over her afternoon beauty leaving shadows playing where smooth perfection had once ruled it had been so easy a smile opened doors a shake of the hips dropped jaws to the floor a general change pulled the […]


i have kept my eyes closed this morning clinging tight to the remnants of dream my nose flush with her scent my tongue infused with her taste if i dare open my eyes even for a moment i know it will all fade away


some nights she melted into me as if our bodies were not whole without one another others it was if she were a mannequin or mechanical facsimile of a real oerson in the beginning when sweet words and soft thoughts flowed like honeyed nectar from our tongues you could not tell where i ended and […]

(un)titled farewell

i don’t know what tomorrow holds, but i know it isn’t hope, this feeling that stirs in my guts, like a swarm of angry hornets, stinging nettles and broken spirit i have a sickness, a cancer, a life defying tumor, tar black where there once was light my friends are gone, my dreams are gone, […]


scientists have discovered people are aware of the moment they die they are aware of conversations after the time of death has been called hearing nurses talk people sob immobile fading but listening the bright light of final oxygenated blood fading from the cerebral cortex traveling into the infinite vortex gasping grasping fleeting still heart […]


near empty just a few seeds rattling about inside salted earth beneath toxic clouds above feels like lately all there is left is waiting for the crows to pick away what’s left still got life to live but it is fleeting still got dreams but they are fading an image of you distorted over time […]

color blind

the colors seem to bleed off of the page, pooling onto the floor and forming an ink blotch as i stare at the stain it morphs and shifts nothing matters in the black oblivion and i feel myself sliding down into it a free fall into a shimmering lake of mercury that coalesces and forms […]