she stared at herself
in the mirror
not recognizing
the lined face
that looked back

dusk had fallen
over her afternoon beauty
leaving shadows playing
where smooth perfection
had once ruled

it had been so easy
a smile opened doors
a shake of the hips
dropped jaws
to the floor

a general change
pulled the youthful simplicity
leaving leathery reminders
that not all good things
remain whole

an easy life of drink
the occasional hard drug
all hidden
beneath the low lights
of the smokey club

she went from friday
center stage
to opening act
on wednesday
from star to blip

now she sees
half dressed gyrations
for half drunk patrons
is no sustainable endeavor
when pushing fifty five

as she applies the pasties
a second layer
of foundation
while gravity takes
its natural affect

the club opens at noon
yet she opens
with half speed movements
as her dusk
fades into twilight

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