some nights
she melted into me
as if our bodies
were not whole
without one another


it was if
she were a mannequin
mechanical facsimile
of a real oerson

in the beginning

when sweet words
and soft thoughts
like honeyed nectar
from our tongues

you could not tell
where i ended
and she began

we were pangaen
our love

the fault lines shifted
she moved
away by inches
in the cold unforgiving light

it was just my husk
next to her cold mechanical shell


15 thoughts on “shifting

        1. they haven’t given me a hard date but early this year is what I have surmised. I figure before summer. There is a convention in August I’ve been invited to go to and sign books so I assume before then. I submitted my novel and a novella as well and am 24k into the sequel and have a couple shorts I’m working on.

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                    1. I hope so, Mike. I really want to publish a few books. I just hope my ideas are worthy and my writing is good enough. Good enough that a publisher would want it.

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                    2. what I have seen is there is no market for poetry. Or there is but it is so saturated that no publisher wants to touch it because there is no money to be made. I hope if I can get established through fiction I can try and reach a large audience. The poetry world is self cannibalizing. They charge you to submit. The little presses put out chapbooks with no means of reaching the masses that are indifferent at best. It is disheartening.

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