this insular feeling of sorrow radiates beneath the surface of us all

suffocating the best parts of us until we hide from the light

so sure we are the only ones that feel it

darkness and pain as interwoven in our souls and spirit as the need for love and laughter

as you sit crumbling in upon yourself know at this exact moment someone else is as well

we need to find a way to weave our webs into one another and show them we all hurt

maybe somehow, in a small way, we can take comfort in knowing we don’t suffer alone

and that could be all it takes to snap them free of the self imposed chains that bind them

but who am i really

just an illiterate fool with more words than sense in a pool of his own misgivings

blindly reaching out to you

maybe this is all just a way to call for help as i sink lower

who can say


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