long thought deadened

my overwhelming curiosity
my natural instincts
to stay hidden
in my cave
this has always been the case
my best friends knew
that I would vanish
for weeks at a time
to try to get
my head straight
ride the wave
of inexplicable sorrow

the constant struggle
of the introverted

today the fool
an officer of the law
the need to know
the state of the real world
by the attractive
speaking heads
that spin the reality
into a narrative
that aligns
with their personal

drug crime is down
but one o’clock in the morning
is the witching hour
for domestic disturbances
child abuse is up
as the children are trapped
between stress
they cannot fathom
and the immoveable quarantine
that keeps them
left at home
with parents incapable
of handling the new state
of normal

the world
finds a way
to remain a shit show

even six feet apart

are vile creatures
filled with insecurities
that manifest
by lashing out
this need
to destroy innocence

so now
it is time
to crawl back inside
nurse the scars
that burn
on days like this
in solace
as the agony
of remembrance
shoots down nerves
long thought


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