an episode of twilight zone

sometimes i look for a camera behind the picture frame

this can’t be my life

i fell asleep and woke up in the twilight zone

as i slept rod serling came out and introduced my episode

tonight we take all happiness and joy away from this man

when he wakes up everything good will be gone

in place of happiness we’ve given him words

and he’ll wish he had never woken

in the twilight zone

and i stretch and sit up

and the sun goes out behind me

the world goes dark

yet i’m oblivious

stagger into the living room and look around

everything seems normal

yet everything is one degree off

i’m alone

i can’t reconcile this suffocating emptiness

can’t make myself go out

won’t eat

can’t sleep

just rock back and forth at the razors edge of sobbing

all in stark black and white

and as the image fades

as rod serling walks into the spotlight

i can see him

and i snap

he begins his final summation of the horror of losing the will to live

and as he opens his smug mouth

i attack

raining down my fists upon his face

the starched white shirt spattered with black sprays

and i cannot stop

channeling all of the pent up tears into destroying this


this son of a bitch that did this to me

and as i watch his broken and battered face shifts

and it was me the entire time

and i fold in on myself

it’s my fault

all mine

all of it

damn it

it’s me

and then the scene fades

and i’m so grateful for it to be over

but it isn’t

it isn’t is it

it doesn’t end

it never ends

and that’s on me as well

damn it all

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