farewell, i fade away

what is it that you saw

when you stared into my eyes

was it hope

or forever

or just another lie

i feel like an empty package

just barely making it by

beaten up in transit

discarded like an ode to pomp and style

how i wanted it to be you

just you

and how i dreamt that it could be true

you’d love me too

but you’re quiet

and your distant

and your words don’t feel the same

is it the longing

or the heartache

that coats me like a stain

is it that my words come out broken

in ways that don’t make sense

or is it in a different language

not broken

badly bent

but i get it

i do

how could i have expected love

from someone as pure as you

i’m a bottle of wine turned vinegar

too many nonfunctioning parts

and you’re an angel

hovering over

my passion lacks the sparks

so stay quiet

my fondest dream

i’ll fade off into the night

and don’t look back now

my sweet angel

before you take your flight

i’ll stick to shadows

vanish underground

where the freaks and monsters play

and you can find the one

the one i wasn’t

i’ll just be on my way

i won’t forget you

though i’ll try to

with wine and drug and song

i’ll always know you’re out there

in the sunbeams

out where you belong

at night i’ll whisper

to the heavens

in hopes you find your way

and only smiles

should surround you


i fade


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