paradise by immolation

got a head of bad ideas

and a heart of broken promises

spread the kerosene across the floor

strike a match

take my hand and let’s spin until the fumes makes us dizzy

dance as the timbers collapse around us

i’ll catch an ember on my finger tip like a firefly

you look beautiful with soot streaks down your flushed cheeks

the tears leaving trails through ash that haunt my every waking moment

as the building crumbles

fall into the reflection of flames in each other’s eyes

let’s make mistakes

tell stories until the sun rises in the east

of arson and arsenic kisses

i’ll sing softly in your ear as we dance cheek to cheek on the wreckage of past lies

past lives

take the pills and ignore the side effects

can’t feel my hands

can’t see anything but you in the smoke

emphysemic odes of love

wheezed to the heavens for your ears alone my darling firebug

carbon monoxide poisoning

kiss your blue lips

trace the veins in your sooty ashen skin

spinning and laughing as the past becomes another regret to feed the fire

whaddya say

want to make some mistakes

draw new scars in lipstick on each other’s bodies

and watch it all fall apart

our own slice of paradise by immolation

strike a match and let’s warm ourselves by the flames of our own regrets


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