sleeping as the world burns

the bed is on fire the flames lick the ceiling all i can do is try and find a position to lie in that keeps the heat even careful to roll over every hour or so to ensure even grill marks from the white hot coils a blanket of ash a pillow of charred memories […]

my arsonist

i’ve got a request for you my one and only desire be my arsonist and i’ll be your fire i don’t care about what comes after we’ll torch the whole thing from floor to the rafter set me aflame with all your passion and desire be my arsonist and i’ll be your fire let me […]

paradise by immolation

got a head of bad ideas and a heart of broken promises spread the kerosene across the floor strike a match take my hand and let’s spin until the fumes makes us dizzy dance as the timbers collapse around us i’ll catch an ember on my finger tip like a firefly you look beautiful with […]

gorrila killa and lonesome singing

today’s drive was about you my unaware of my existence love masked intruder’s most beautiful girl in the world sums you up to a t it says all the things i would say to you if i could whisper in your ear who am i kidding i would sing it to you in the car […]