falling down the effevescent sphincter of life, broken glass and razor blades, another manic episode of america’s spiralling into depression

gargling molten lava, screaming soundlessly into the void that is hope

patently insane, insatiably sanctimonious, begging for help and feeling the cold restrain of emptiness

empty, alone, asking god for help and hearing the echoed mocking laughter of nothingness begging back

woke up with that energetic need to create, flaccid courage, dread and dismissive nocturnal emmissions

beaten, bashed and bloody frozen kisses

tumultuous trepidation, tremendous undulation, uniquely devoid of sense and sensitivity

stranded on a deserted island of maniacal menageries, lingerie and lopsided latchkey lingerings

these are the days i could end it, stop the ride, pass the ticket to someone more deserving the nonstop thrills of guessing games and is it real

nothing is real, all a mirror maze of distorted desires, dipping dashing dawdling, dredging darkness and hoping for a ray of light

a sign of stability

stagnant backwaters of days long gone

the last foolish attempt to catch the bouquet while tying a tourniquet to staunch the languid liquid drainage

the noose, the goose, the fleeting fanciful youth, the truth, the tradeoff, a stand off between another soiltary sleuth and villiany vaporizing the vacant bank account of personal good will and corporate taxation of goods

not good enough, goofy, gangly limbed and spinning lies

a man faced spider, crustacean, walking sideways into the surf, frowning and drowning in turns, blue from sadness and oxygen deprivation

zombies and undead wishes, shot in the head, fled, bled and all the things left unsaid

regret like an anchor around my neck, a stake through the heart, another broken oath in a string empty promises

another manic episode in another desperate state in another dispersion cast by never being enough

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