make love not punishment

allow me to reiterate, the simple lies you regurgitate, the self worth you seek to inflate, in time your truth will slowly disintegrate

once upon a time

i fell into the net you cast, an innocent beguiled and captured, ate all you fed me and hungered for more

empty calories made me fat with no substance, a subordinate, submissive and misled, pumped full of additives and refined sugar substitutes that lacked the sweetness necessary to make it palatable over the course of years

a feast of fears, a steady diet of force fed negativity, never good enough, always the bad guy, always the rube

until all that was left was a skeleton with fatty deposits and malignant tumors in the shape of a heart, killing the best parts and calling it love

slaughtering hope and calling it art

killing the best parts and calling it love

fell into the dreamscape you painted with brushes like blades, a sunset of scars, a daydream landscape of demons and bloody kisses, left skinless and raw

victim of a witch hunt, if you survive you are evil, if you drown become a saint

self flagellation, kneeling in prayer on broken glass, looking for the solution at the bottom of a wishing well

running with the bulls leaves another trampled mess, swimming through the excess, moving forward only to regress, ulcers burning from regrets

fallow ground of obsolescence, restitution and reorientation, reinvention of future resemblances, reassuring little white lies and the flesh of muscular pale thighs

screaming without a mouth, hyperventilating from too much air, the virus borrows into your belly and makes it a home

home is where the heart atrophies, another trophy on the shelf, head mounted on the wall, the stagnating stag of future folly, a feast for maggots and frantic bated breath

and truth another lie, a once upon a time in fairy tale kingdom, where you are the princess and i am just another pauper playing the fool

the unwitting tool

killing the best parts of myself and calling it yours, calling it love, saying it is making love not punishment

and it is all i deserve, my favorite dessert, lost and deserted, and calling it love

the hawk slaughters the dove

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