flying down the sidewalk, see the line, live the line, olly into a kickflip to catch the crooked grind down the twelve set, varial heelflip and pray for no traffic

the board goes its own way halfway through the kickflip, my trajectory is straight for the rail, feet flailing, the ting of metal and feet go over head, thank goddess for the bush in my general vicinity

see the life, walk the dream

i awake, sweaty and bruised, the great somnambulistic skateboard shaman, ritualized, brutalized and virtualized, immortalized in the halls of my own mind

this never ending tedium has become a medium for this constantly roiling idiom, a tagline at the bottom of a pic, an epitaph on the tombstone of another spectacular failing

see the line, live alone

the issue is latency, the message, the pleading, the grasping at straws and midnight sleep walks are all because of the latency between my dreams and reality, the hum in the signal confusing the message

the great insomniac somnambulist, a false priest doomed to perish his Parrish, chained by vows and deliberate delineations, a for profit prophet in an age of stainless steals and backroom deals

see the line, sell the lie

i stopped sleeping a couple days ago, cat naps and irritable mood equatorial shifts, a constant feeling of off, my own skin feels uninhabitable, like i am a virus in a skin suit that is slowly falling apart

yearning to feel the wind in my face, to free myself of these self forged shackles and hold my head high in the light of the glorious sun, not vivisected, rejected or circumvented, in control of my own trip through the tulips

to see the line and feel alive

botulism, nihilism, mysticism, occultism, populism, realism with a hint of sarcasm, a seared in flavor of citrus and dada, of masochism and sadism and the flair of anarchism

the rapidly dilating pupil and signs of increased endorphins, a vaudeville presentation of the last stand of the pugilistic linguistic catamaran salesman from the third quadrant of the last chance network of indigenous rebel squirrels

above the line, be the line


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