day breaks night’s face

the sky is bruised as the sun forces itself upon the sleeping world

angrily making the air thick with hostility

somehow stripping moisture while saturating it with perspiration from all living things

just a haze

a nimbus around my vision

focusing on all the wrong things and in my periphery i see shimmering bodies that may appear closer than they seem

i feel like the sky

bruised and sore from throat to sole

the gymnastics of scaffold climbing and ladders making muscles scream that the normal parallel motions don’t require

i’ve left my normal world for one perpendicular to my norm

less stringent seeker and now moribund monkey

staring at the night and wishing desperately to chase it across the sky

live in perpetual darkness

sleep upside down like a bat as the sun abuses the world

but it’s quiet for now

even as the mercury rises in glass confinement

so take what you will from this but knowo the small blessings are the only ones i have yet to figure out how to screw up

so i’ll take them

2 thoughts on “day breaks night’s face

    1. i force myself to write one poem in the car as i pull into work. five minute time limit. i looked up and the sky looked bruised. i had a new idea watching them weld that the lights look like cotton candy. forgot until just now.

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