high voltage

i’ve got a case of the electro-shock blues

zapping my limbic system

controlled voltage

i don’t want to forget about you

just the way it all went south

all my thalamuses need a good shaking up

flip the switch baby

help me forget

my hippocampus could use some current

the current state not the mental state i currently wish to have

give me high voltage

make my cingulate gyrus gyrate and take it all away

we’ll be holding hands again

i swear

take me back

way back

to the time before the time before

when all was right and i didn’t write to right the wrongs i wronged before

ten thousand volts should do it

one for every sin

twenty thousand volts straight to my brain for the sins i’ll sin again

it’s just a case of wanting to forget the things best left forgotten

the memories of that other life where i was so besotted

flip the switch baby and make me whole again by burning out the excess fat of those bad old days

we’ll limbo down with limbic grace

limping under lightning bolts that ravage through my mind

up the juice

destroy the truth

i’ll ride the wave to different yesterdays with no thoughts about tomorrow

do it please

i’m begging you

these memories feel so heavy

obliterate this immense weight


before i’m the one that disappears

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