the world outside is flooded, reclaimed by the lakes, remnants of the glaciers that once carved this land ages ago

it is just the birds and i

lars sings about yugoslavia being blown to bits, she’s looking to the west, she’s trying to look her best

the birds don’t care, this is their land now, we are fleeting, temporary, one day just myths of those that tried and failed to conquer nature

crumbling buildings dot the land, trees sprout in the ruins, deer run, feral dogs chasing with bared teeth

i am a dusty memory, a ghost, fleeting in the permanence

lars sings over the bass line about her new dress

i wonder at the fickle nature of life, of lasting impressions, thinking of the landfills of plastic that will continue to choke the world long after humanity’s strangle hold is loosened

the birds just glare

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