quam minimum credula postero

as a kid they taught us carpe diem

seize the day

did you shout it in your head

i do when i read it

a simple phrase, but one of empowerment

as i grew up i saw it used all over

reach for your dreams, grab the bull by the horns

seize the day

ever read the whole phrase though

carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

seize the day, alright, let’s do this

but put little trust in tomorrow

hold on

made me wonder, made me stop seizing the day, my hands clutched on today’s throat, seizing the ever lasting shit out of it

but put little faith in tomorrow

that is important to mention one would think

like reading part of a description for a prescription pill

will cure restless leg syndrome


in some cases may cause sweaty upper lip

fair trade, let’s pop some pills

and as you dry swallow three because you’re tired of vibrating like thumper on crank you see the red arrow indicating more

so you peel back the label

also, in some cases, may cause testicular numbing, irritated bowel syndrome, brain swelling, and in rare occasions death

fuck me running

now you have three fingers down your throat hoping to unseize the day

today is yesterday’s future

and as you remember the fact that you were born without a gag reflex which made earning extra cash in college easy now it is detrimental

as your leg slowly comes to a rest and you sit concentrating on trying to feel if your skull is getting too tight

did i put on compression boxers this morning

most of the day is spent not thinking about my testicles but they are all i can think of

and i cannot feel them

frantically tugging them to see if they have life

it’s cold so they are nesting

but is it that cold

carpe diem my ass
quam minimum credula postero

so now i seize some days

others are meant for blanket forts and hiding out

peaking out the blinds at every car door shutting

quiet contemplation

pick and choose my seizures

maybe put a little faith into the future sometimes

but maybe try and read the entire thing sometimes



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