cat and fish

the cat watches the fish swim

the fish is in an imbecilic daze

swimming in lazy circles

there is no thought in it’s vacant little eyes

the cat has nothing but malice as it stares

i clear my throat

a sure sign to her that i know what she is thinking

she looks at me dismissively and continues her perch

the fish is ambivalent to both of us

part of me hopes the cat does it

pain in the ass little smelly thing

changing the water

feeding it

the kids don’t even look at it

it isn’t like we can pet it

or teach it tricks

the cat isn’t much better

she wants attention when she wants it

not when i want cuddles

goddess forbid

but the blatant disregard to my wishes is the issue

the coffee maker goes off and i leave them to the one sided game

when i get back the cat has a wet paw and the fish is frantic

you just couldn’t help yourself, could you

the cat casually licks her paw

the fish goes in fast, tight circles, darts into the little castle

she looks at me when the fish hides as if to ask if i feel good about myself

i just disturbed the natural order of things

then she knocks some papers off the shelf

pick those up, idiot

i angrily get up and do as she bids

not because she made me

because i want to

and i set a book over the open bowl

not so smart now, are you kitty

her look doesn’t need translation

cats were not given middle fingers for good reason

the fish comes back out and resumes it ambling routine

some days i am the cat

but most of them i am the fish

playing an important yet totally unnecessary part in the world around me

the cat and i both stare out the window again

the poor fish is forgotten

it may be the smartest of us all

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