i tell you i love you in every broken sigh

no matter how
you end up dying
it was always
life that caused it

it doesn’t begin
until life
has finally ended

no matter what
the means are
the final result
is life simply


i do not wonder
about my end
i know the cause
as certain as
anything i could
ever possibly know

life hurtles us
unwilling toward
only one

and i believe
i would go mad
madder in fact
if i were
doomed to live forever

finality is law
fragility is
between frantic
burst of living
i spend the quiet
sending my love
to the kids
and to her

because life
leads to death
so no moment
can be wasted
every breath is
a murmured
of endless love

it is what i feel
meaning it can only
be the truth
death is certain
and i am not
quite there yet


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