(un)tethered refrai(n)

this morning
i woke to find
my skull unfettered
by the pains
that have afflicted
the past few days
the restless ache
sat upon my brow
a briar tiara
in yawning echos
cast aside at long last

i dreamt again
for the first time
in days
having given up
on the spectre
of mental speculation
after so long
drifting in the dark

it is still
the night birds
sing loudly
repeating three notes
to call forth the day
as i lay here
contentedly clinging
to the visions
of recycled braindust
where we lay
on a field of grass
beneath the open skies
zero light pollution
millions of stars above
reminding us
where we came from

my lips found yours
and i fell into
the most beautiful
star in the universe
as the alarm rang
i carved the sensation
in cursive swirls
onto my tongue
and as my eyes opened
the coppery taste
of every cell screaming
your name keeps me
in the dreamhaze of
a heart filled to bursting

i woke without
the insistent pains
drenched fully in the
perfection of her smile
wildflower pollen
coats each thought
belly full of dream
soul aching for
ten more minutes
a tangle of limbs
hungry mouths and
curious fingers trailing

the autumn breeze
carries my undying
love in fits of
unwritten verse
to race the sun
across the ever
lightening sky
to the west as sure
as the compass
suspended in my chest
always points to her

i am a sequence of
untethered miseries
imbalanced chemistry
and unfathomable
affection for this
vision of beauty
with peony petals
adorning her smile
basking in the light
she effortlessly shines
after a lifetime spent
drowning in darkness

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