and she stared at me, her antennae twitched as she gnawed upon the gnarled remains of her lover

as her limbs jerked and orgamsic moaning still punctuated the air silently, still but for her noises and the crunching of carapace like shells

i crouched low and stilled my rapidly beating heart, the surge of adrenaline and dialated pupils my only motion

i see you there little human

she didn’t speak a language, but emitted words in a pheremonal mist from her oddly elongated body

she was beauty and death personified, the ultimate apex sexual predator, her multi segemented eyes reflecting light in a prismatic display

her body the color of emeralds transitioning the spectrum of green into purple, mandibles moving of their own accord

a flood of scents that correlated into still frames of wanton death and sex, playing out like a fetishist dream that would be impossible to describe

imagine bosch and giger doing copious amounts of psychedelics and viagra and then painting a version of the trail of tears seen through polanski’s lens on the set of a porno

i was simultaneously rock hard and sick to my stomach, filled with need and nausea, flickers of pain filled my ambrosia soaked mind

she released her hold on my head, and the air began to clear of that sickly sweet scent, yet the images didn’t fade, burnt into my frontal lobe, my cerebral cortex inundated with filth and bile and sweat and cum

an image of laughter, a scent of summer rain and putrefaction, rotten fruit and sunshine suffused me

now run, i’m sated for now, but you smell delicious

and i willed leaden legs to go, terrified and mortified at my desire to be consumed, not daring to look back but knowing she would one day be my end


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