everyone of the words was another red hot dagger into his soul. how many more barbs could he stand before finally succumbing to the pain and snuffing the candle himself? a new scar to remind him of how fleeting the old scars were. his flesh more a topographical map of sorrow than that of a person. he sleeps as the fluid seeps.

can’t tell
up from down
good from evil
bad from worse.

i need you
by my side
in my life
in my arms.

lavender scented remembrances cover the honey suckle kisses that once flowed like wine down your elegant neck to pool between your breasts, divinity in the succor, ravenous for the taste of salty skin with notes of citrus, cinnamon and coriander daydreams, the melody of heartbeat and breath a serenade of sublime joy as life fades out

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