staring at the sky in wonder

i watched the plane fly over head from my window perch

so many indistinct faces in the broad blue skies

the salesman flying out to meet with a potential client

he is filled with false bravado

he actually needs this sale to make bonus to be able to cover the mounting bills

the worried mother and her two children flying to see her mother who was always there for her

the last trip to see her

a frantic call at three in the morning from her brother that never left the small hometown

the cancer had spread and if she wanted to say goodbye she needed to come now

a teen staring out the window excitedly

a cross country flight to meet the girl he had been talking to for the last couple weeks

a surprise trip he spent his entire savings on to finally get to look into her eyes

she is a he though with a wife and three cats

it will be a surprise to everyone

the airline stewardess trying to keep it together after an all night screaming session with her boyfriend

he stays with another woman the second she takes off

occasionally during her short visit home as well

but she loves him for all his faults

if she knew it was her best friend he was having sex with she would probably be in jail instead of this airbound prison with benefits

an older gentleman just excited to be in the air again

he flew for air force over three separate tours over steaming jungles


when it gets real quiet

he can hear the screams of those villagers he rained fire down upon because someone in a suit thousands of miles away

but it feels good to fly again

and he likes watching the stewardesses walk down the aisle

i wish i were up there

escaping this


this nothing

making small talk with the old guy

making faces at the kids that are bored as their mother chokes back tears

put a smile on that poor miserable woman that isn’t fake

fly the great blue yonder

in search of adventure from the doldrums of reality

and then it’s gone

another plane soars into view

i wonder who is in this one


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