ten scenes: six – submarine

the hull
a distinctly uncomfortable
as darkness
permeates the world

going deeper
into the darkness
fathoms fall away
as life turns

lures bobbing
blind beasts
feeding by taste
on invisible currents
in frigid waters

ancient beasts
unseen by man
swim in a ballet
as creaking metal squeals
is always near

15 thoughts on “ten scenes: six – submarine

      1. Yes! I’m gonna have a friend in Mike’s brain. We will hang out and discuss philosophy (in list format, of course) and eat skittles that have been carefully arranging on our plates according to color and quantity. Because that’s how Mike’s brain rolls.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. He’s sadly mistaken. They do in fact taste different. I’ve blind-tested it. But then again…. not really missing much… it’s just skittles after all.


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