Psyche and Eros, part one

there once was a kingdom, at the
edge of a shining sea, where the
people grew prosperous, and gave
praise and thanks to the gods

the king was a kind man, with a
strong and loving wife who bore him three perfect daughters, each one more beautiful than the last

his third daughter, young Psyche,
born so stunning and sweet, soon
the people whispered was the
daughter of Venus, herself

the villagers traveled from all
corners of the kingdom, just to
catch a glimpse of Psyche, for none were as exquisite as she

this was a blessing, but also a
curse, as Psyche’s sisters found
love and got married, while the men revered her and stayed away

she became the subject of tales,
that spread far and wide,
eventually reaching the gods
themselves at Mt. Olympus

Psyche was adored, and as rumors
spread, people began to believe she was the newest incarnation of the goddess of beauty, Venus

Venus felt herself waning, and
she grew angry at this despicable
mortal, as true beauty can be
joyful or bitterly cruel

Venus called forth her son, Eros,
and bade him to find this girl and
with his magic bow, force her to
fall in love with a vile man

Eros did not question his mother,
for love is true and obedient, so
he got his bow and quiver and went
to the kingdom in search of Psyche

he came upon her as she bathed,
singing softly to herself in a
spring nestled into a cave, in the
flickering light of candles

he stood and aimed his bow, arm
strained as he drew the string
taut, and waited for the woman to
rise from the shimmering pool

and when she rose at last, turning
slightly so the light shone upon
her face, he felt his heart lurch,
the arrow clattered to the stone

he knew then and there, this was
the most perfect woman to grace
the world, and Eros found himself
stricken, his heart was now her’s

he fled the cave as she heard the
arrow, flying back to Olympus as
fast as his wings could carry him,
his only thoughts of her

Venus saw him arrive, and did not question whether he performed the deed, for she knew her son always did as she asked without fail

Eros sat in his room, his heart
aching for Psyche, unable to eat or drink, as his thoughts swirled
of the difficulty of his lot

he was a trickster, playing pranks
for eons, on both mortal and god
alike, gleefully laughing as he
forced them to fall in love

Eros knew love between mortals and gods ended in tragedy, for he had sown his fair share of tragedies, only to find himself in one

he went to Apollo and lamented
his luck, and for weeks became
despondent, no longer firing his
arrows and spreading affection

the power of love had waned, and
none felt it as hard as Psyche, her loneliness grew so deep, her
father went to the Oracle for help

Apollo listened and smiled, a plan
formulating in his mind to help
both his friend and Psyche, and
thus he spoke to the king

“have your daughter dress in
funeral clothes, and climb to the
top of the cliff, where she will be taken to her destined husband,

“there she will find her true love, but beware for he is a winged creature, vile and evil, but he shall love her as no other”

confused and afraid, Psyche donned all black, kissed her family goodbye, made her way to the top of the cliff overlooking the sea

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