Psyche and Eros, part three

Psyche was aglow with excitement, she sang along with the lyre she could never find, as she waited for her sisters arrival

her sisters were exctied as well
when word came from the Delphi
that they would be able to go
and see their beloved sister

they stood on the cliff, letting
out cries of alarm as they
found themselves in Zephyrus’
cold northen winds above the sea

they soared like birds, afraid
but trusting to the gods to
bring them safely to the land
far beneath to their sister

just like Psyche, the woke
lying in a field of wildflowers
in front of the ornate castle,
eyes wide with amazement

Psyche heard them call out and
rushed outside, barely able
to see through the tears as they
stood in the grass just outside

she rushed to them, and they embraced, before Psyche excitedly
brought them into her new home
so she could show them around

Psyche’s sisters roamed around
their faces locked in tight
grimaces as they beheld the
treasures in every room

they whispered to each other
jealousy bubbling within, as
they wondered the identity of
their sister’s husband

“Apollo said he is a winged
monster, a feathered serpent,
perhaps he stole this wealth
from a king like our father”

“no, he must be a god, hiding
amonst the mortals, spending
all of his time frolicking
with the all the other gods”

the one thing they both could
agree upon, was Psyche had a
much better life than either
of them, and it consumed them

they asked questions, prodding
Psyche to tell them the truth,
and grew more upset as she told
them all that she knew

she told them, “he is a hunter,
kind loving and sweet, we have long talks all through the night
before laying together til dawn

“his family is rich, but live
far away, so he has been on
his own for a long time” but
her words had little effect

and as the rays from the golden chariot began to fade, she
walked them to the flowers, as
they said their teary goodbyes

Zephyrus then lifted them up
and the sister proclaimed loudly
“Apollo said he is a winged
monster, be wary of him, Psyche”

and then they were gone, as
Psyche watched them speed
through the air, she felt cold
doubt creep into her chest

she sat among the blossoms,
watching as the sun disappeared
her mind filled with worries
as she waited for him to arrive

Psyche listened to Eros, but she
found she could not speak
instead she stared at his shadow
quietly, doubts swirling

when at last they went to bed
Psyche waited for him to sleep
then crept from the room to grab
a candle which she lit

her hand cupped over the small
flame, she entered the bedroom
and let the light shine over
her husband’s slumbering form

what she saw took her breath,
as she gazed upon the most
beautiful man she had ever seen,
with soft white wings on his back

perhaps that was why he hid, she
thought, he does not see the
sheer beauty of the feathers,
thinking she would be horrified

but she wasn’t, in that moment
she knew she could never love
another person as much as she
madly loved this sleeping man

he stirred, frightening her, she
quickly blew out the candle, in her haste though, hot wax
splashed down and burnt him

he was startled awake, and as
he looked at her, he knew the
truth of the matter, and the
burn spread to wound his heart

sadly Eros stood “you let them
plant that seed in your chest
and now look what doubt has
wrought” then he flew from view

Psyche was shattered, for she
knew his words to be true, too
late to cry out, she crumpled
to the floor in her grief

when she woke, she saw the sun
setting, and waited for her love
to return, to explain her sin
and beg for forgiveness

but Eros did not return, the
wound of betrayal darkened his
heart, and he returned to his
mother, and locked himself away

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