late wi(n)ter thaw

in every breath
turned to mist
in the frigidness
that gripped me
tightly, a cerulean
lover hungering
for every bit
of my fleeting
warmth, in those
clouds of lingering
dreams, expelled
into the aether
a million unwritten
odes, of my love
for your immaculate
wonder, your name
etched in cursive
on my tentative pink
tongue,so desperate
for just one taste
of your warm inviting

now the heat has
returned, and the
air is filled with a
chorus of i love yous
from my once blue lips
to your perfect ears
my now hot breath
wrapping itself around
your hippocampus
every melted
utterance, a multicolored
soulwhisper given
freely from my heart
to yours.

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