84 hours without power, or, how Ted Cruz tried to go to Cancun as people died in Texas

At 2am Monday morning, during an ice storm, my power went out. It was explained this was to last 15 – 45 minutes (not sure what that is in metric, sorry) as the grid was overloaded.

It has been 84 hours and counting since. No answers given at all for 24 hours (a day in America). then the excuses flew. finger pointing. grand standing. no updates. no help. absolutely nothing. it is 37 in my apartment as i lay on a cocoon of blankets. 24 hours ago they cut the water.

i have scowered the net between trips to my car to charge my phone and warm up. nothing. then i read hpw our senator, the one that lashes at dems for not caring about the constituents, boarded a plane to sunny Cancun. the state he represents is a frozen hell of suffering. good time to head to Mexico. i would if i could. of course, i don’t represent the people suffering.

and it has been days since i had power.

this happened in 2011 in Texas. they pretended to care and did nothing. they eill pretend to care again and pass it to the next adminstration who will look shocked when it happens again. and so on and so forth. the elected officials stop caring thr moment the vote is cast. you dont exist any longer to them. just cattle. sheep. nothing. i don’t mean just Republicans. or Democrats. all of them. as witnessed time and time again as they pursue what helps them regardless of the people’s best interest.

it’s been 84 hours, and counting. as the pigs sit in well lit and heated homes, pointing the blane and doing nothing to fix it.

i am just lucky i have her to bring light into my life at its darkest. she is the sun kissing my cheek. not everyone has that.

to her, i love you madly
to everyone else:
stay safe and love one another

freezing and pissed off, mike e.


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