april showers

april showers are supposedly the root cause of may flowers but march came in like a lamb and went out like a bipolar yeti the world sleeps and i find myself trapped in this box listening to the lackadaisical tune my entire body tensed to spring as soon as the lid pops open it’s cold […]

sick and whining; a poet is

i feel radiant in shades of gray drawn so petulant in fragmented meh my insides feel rusted and clogged my unsides reel in staggering instances of grave despair church bells ring signalling the end of selfish lividity i scream until blood flecks my spittle into the howling winds raging forth so impetuously unimportant hell has […]

seventy seven

never before have i had such a clear account of the bastards reigning in incompetence scrambling to save their careers as children and the elderly sit in silence waiting for help and the only weapon i have is my words is my frustration as i huddle in the car shivering from the sorrow of being […]

a reckoning is coming

a power outage is temporary a power outrage is brewing as the poor freeze in the ghettos yet there is no relief In sight. infrastructural failings as the sky turns gray above more snow is coming with no plan in play how does the state make up for this catastrophic ineptitude? they won’t because fuck […]

twenty nine

it is seven in the morning it is forty seven in my apartment and it is one degree outside been without power twenty nine hours now and i just want to feel something except this bone deep frozen depression. my heart aches as the scent of wildflowers hangs in the still air yet i am […]

twelve hours

i can seemy breathlaying in bedtwelve hourswithout power. i can see youwhen iclose my eyesignoring the coldfor a kiss from you. my eyelidsfeel heavyunder these blanketsdaydreamingabout you. there are daysthe world feelsout to get meif it can go badit will. but when iclose my eyesyou are thereand i rememberit’s not so bad.


a perk about being hopelessly romantic, when the power goes out and the wind chill is below zero all those candles you have for sobbing romantically can raise the ambient temperature by a few degrees may have to die alone but not in the dark or frozen. when they find my ice covered corpse the […]


it is ten degrees outside, and i would give just about anything to hold you tight and sleep til summer. i just really fucking need you, my love. scoot closer, i have poems to kiss along the back of your neck.

molten dreamslurry

[golden bells with coppery notes juniper berries, exsanguinated in the prepubescent moon’s low gravelly tones, crooning dirges to rattle the mountainside with malignant sapience, earth sighs in clay lumps and tectonic need] ~alienated in the sudden sodden banality, benign beams of ultraviolent ideation waxing on the weightlessness of molten dreamslurry~ the sparrows sing for my […]

it’s late a(n)d i love you

the kids are sleeping the world is silent except for the wind the bastard never seems to stop howling even as everything is at peace; i am staring up at the ceiling cold and miserable my face hurts my ear hurts and the goddamned words ~my usual salvation of sorts~ well the cursor keeps flashing […]

five sparrows, one fool, and her

the sparrows have decided to avoid the storm and take refuge on my porch they are lined up on the grill lid watching me watch them i am not sure what it is they see when they hop little eyes locked as i whisper poems about you, my love they seem nearly as enthralled as […]

winter’s kiss

can’t tell if it is snowing small crystals wafting slowly to the icy concrete or if the world is slightly granulated in the cold with this aching need for you can’t tell a lot of things in this eerie fogbank that fills the frost lined hallways in my mind i told you i love you […]

it is cold and i am tired

no sun today just the miserable promise of rain and cold shivering on the couch a lack of sleep a lack of concern drifted off soundly as the alarm sounded left feeling just as unimportant as always on a below freezing morning spent staring out the window wishing softly for something more but frankly sick […]


something calls in the fractal spirals that seem to hover just to the side of my vision this kaleidoscopic menagerie filled with delightful half whispers truth in cotton candy wrapped lies tiny pops from the insatiable bee orgy as the penii explode in a symphony of orgasmic dissention i once wrote a poem backwards as […]


is anyone else feeling (irritiable uncomfortable rancorous) a little off or is it the sparrows that flit around my head whistling doo dah with no great concern for the people around me as if this irrational rationale b-movie grandiosity this insipid banter the planes float in the air above the airport and as i watch […]

vacuous reaches

the tacit lack of recoil meant the killing blow was not felt as it left tongue to pierce the inner ear of civility the gravity of the situation was not lost in the zero gravity of the vacuous reaches of her needing space


it’s cold in this land of codependence home of the pharma deadened media controlled rancid melting pot of a fatal traffic accident on public dismay the roads covered in black ice hazardous to unseeing eyes unfocused by the steady drip of narco supplements in the water supply the dotted white line becomes a deafening blur […]


i can’t shake this feeling of cold, shivering, sitting on the couch staring at the cloudy sit outside lost in swirling gray i never told you that i love you, but you knew it, like the cold outside, it was impossible to ignore sparrows huddle on the edge of the roof, miserable looking fluffs of […]

(un)titled sorrow VI

it is cold in here the emptiness seems to compound it wherever you are i hope it is peaceful warm happy that the sun shines down upon you the ravens of sorrow do not mar your view there is a murder of them circling overhead here untouched by the cold

lunar lunacy

the moon was lined up perfectly between the buildings that rise into the sky beside me reflecting off of the tapping buildings in either side it cast three pale orbs i stared at it and felt the as if entire world was off three moons affecting the tides pushing down on me while calling out […]