it is cold and i am tired

no sun today
just the miserable
of rain
and cold
on the couch
a lack of sleep
a lack of concern
drifted off soundly
as the alarm
left feeling
just as unimportant
as always
on a below
morning spent
staring out the window
wishing softly
for something more
but frankly
sick of trying
just to end up
feeling the same
not enough
on the best of days
which all seem
lost in the past
writing words
that are as meaningless
as prayers
for a captive audience
of none
no goddamned sun today
just the miserable
fucking promise
of more of the same
which is less
than any one person
yet is likely
twice as much
as will be given

you get what you give, they lie, covering their mouths to hide their smiles, watching as every last drop is given to zero return, the sun sits embarrassed above the clouds, unwilling to shine on a dessicated husk that is as loved as the day is warm


2 thoughts on “it is cold and i am tired

  1. Feeling you deeply. Mike, stick with it man. Consider it a blank canvas maybe, rather than a shroud. The season of Spring is potentially tapped within. Peace. —CC

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