lunar lunacy

the moon was lined up perfectly between the buildings that rise into the sky beside me

reflecting off of the tapping buildings in either side it cast three pale orbs

i stared at it and felt the as if entire world was off

three moons affecting the tides

pushing down on me while calling out to something in the back of my lizard brain

frozen and feeling the strange pressure of it’s melodious call directly on my cranial nerves

my eyelids twitched and a high pitched hum filled my ears

all motor control ceased function and i felt my hands shake even if i couldn’t focus on them

a howling filled the alley around me as the triumvirate of lunar lunacy assailed me

my face began vibrating and i swear the glass of the skyscrapers shattered and rained down

the glass became mercurial and as it hit my flesh it seeped into my pours and the music radiated from my very core

my body tensed and i felt weightlessness assault my every atom as i began to plummet upwards

higher and higher as the air grew thin and frost formed around my unblinking eyes

vertigo descended and thrust me into the yawning mouth of madness

unresponsive lips holding back my screams as the blue faded to black and atmosphere became a distant dream

then suddenly i was engulfed in light

blinding pure white surrounded me

encompassed me

infused me

and i felt a sudden surge of gravity and the nausea inducing whirlwind of nothing slowly faded into tight discomfort

the light faded and flashing lights surrounded me and i found myself

somewhere else entirely

and in front of me was the glimmering orb of the moon

it’s pale illuminessensce wan as it flowed across my heaving form and pulsating in time with my labored breaths

and my head i heard a voice

faint and neatly fading

don’t be like me, a mere reflection of the rays of the sun, shine with your own light, dazzle the world with your glow

i’m a lifeless rock feeling the pull of my only love, unable to come any closer without falling apart at the seams

but you can be so much more than your pain and loneliness, so much more than the shell of a man roaming this world with chin on chest

if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for me, spread your light upon every being you come in contact with, become the change you wish to instill upon the world and your dreams will all come true

or don’t

it’s up to you to be the dream you always wanted to be or the empty void of the hand life dealt you

but it is within your power to decide

fall in love, dance like an idiot, sing til your voice cracks and they drag you off of the stage

don’t allow yourself to only reflect the light of another when there is an inferno raging within, an indomitable spirit yearning to be more

seize the reins

and then nothing

the light faded away and blackness over took my mind and i felt myself falling again as it did

when i finally stirred i found myself on the wet ground and i pulled myself up to my feet and looked into the sky

and the moon looked down on me with no trace of the lunacy of before

just the faint reflection of the sun’s rays from far away

cold light devoid of warmth


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