i read a gooey thing that said they wanted to love someone like the moon pouring light out of it’s soul the sheer idiocy amazed me the moon is a rock that reflects the sun’s light i wanted to tell him to use me as a reference i am a rock but i reflect the […]

lunar lunacy

the moon was lined up perfectly between the buildings that rise into the sky beside me reflecting off of the tapping buildings in either side it cast three pale orbs i stared at it and felt the as if entire world was off three moons affecting the tides pushing down on me while calling out […]

the sea

he sat next to the rocky outcropping watching the waves batter the shore this was his happy place one where the world stopped feeling so itchy, where the irritants and constant chatter went silent this was where he came when his wits end were reached, when the thought of letting the azure wash over him […]