molten dreamslurry

[golden bells with coppery notes
juniper berries, exsanguinated
in the prepubescent moon’s low
gravelly tones, crooning dirges
to rattle the mountainside with
malignant sapience, earth sighs
in clay lumps and tectonic need]

in the sudden sodden
benign beams of
ultraviolent ideation
waxing on
the weightlessness
of molten dreamslurry~

the sparrows sing
for my ears alone
pleading with me
through the glass
for another lovely
ode to the woman
with wildflowers
in her smile, to
help them shake off
the wintery chill

[small frozen corpses lining
the balcony, my voice become
mist, lost in the lightless
ambiguity of golden bells and
the copper clappers ringing out
from the azure ice encasing my
emptiness in rattling dirges]


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