falling is love is planting a grove of trees as seeds knowing you will never sit in the shade it casts but instead in the hope of someone else getting to enjoy a brief reprieve from the rays of the sun that mercilessly pound down from the sky Advertisements

i won’t

the last thing the world needs is another sappy piece of pedantic prose proclaiming the platitudes of love how many lines can be written about the way my heart skips a beat when you smile that secret smile of ours another stanza dedicated to the inherent joy of simply knowing you exist as a boon […]

head first

speeding down the road with no headlights cracked windshield no seat belts stereo on full blast bare tires wet asphalt hairpin curves your smile filling my mind head first into you nothing else for me to do but fall headlong into you yellow lines blur into one solid state of inebriated dysfunction lost in your […]

dentata d’amor

our love was a mouth full of baby teeth as we grew it loosened slowly fell out as adulthood forced it’s way to the surface it took growing to find the truth behind the enamel of what love should truly be trying to straighten it out with metal bands that only constrict the natural flow […]

some rivers never meet the sea

not all rivers make it to the sea though some are born of lakes far inland from the ever shifting oceans step into the shadows slide out of your clothes let me run my fingertips softly along your tributaries in search of your hidden inlet sip lightly from your abundant waters while your thighs against […]

she loved

she loved like a haunted house incapable of letting go the past she loved like a tombstone faded by the wind and rain but she loved oh, how she loved she loved like a carnival thrilling with every new sight she loved like the spring sun nurturing with abundant light she loved sweet mother mercy, […]