us = you and i = i am yours

let’s fall down the cliff together, let’s step into the open elevator shaft, let’s dive head first into a pool without water, we’ll wear floaties and dive dive dive

i’ll teach you to swim, i will hold you up as an anchor holds me down, bobbing on the invisible waves of need, of shallow insecurities

grab my super ego by the balls and drag me into the fire, kick my id in the teeth and we’ll both laugh at ego as he tries to talk sense

breath my name into the blade and write i love you in the fog before plunging it over and over and over again until all that remains is a bloody smile

let’s make mistakes and learn from them then let’s repeat the mistakes and laugh until we puke up sunshine and daffodils, then we’ll eat cotton candy

you know i don’t care, about anything, just you and me riding the spines of the world in an attempt to beat the sun to the west coast of nowhere

you know me, better than i know myself because in my hazel eyes you see the demons you have fought and in your’s i see the angel i’ve always wanted

just be mine and i’ll be yours and forever will be another timestamp on lives wasted until we fell into one another like a collapsing house of cards

only to stand together, stronger than either of us ever could have ever, would have, should have known was possible, because i am yours, i am yours, i am yours

i am yours

i am


and it’s all i ever wanted to be

yours and yours alone

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