dear diary

dear diary

i can hear her laughter, when I close my eyes it is as if she is still here, her feet on my lap as we absently tap on our phones, just the contact necessary to be united

it’s so empty, both in here and in my chest, as if she pulled out the important bits and all that remains is the feel of her hand in mine but it isn’t and it hurts

the scent of her lingers, i am afraid to move, to disturb the peace she left, the spot where she laid, the seat she made hers, it’s all i can do to not cry out in agony for her

phantom kisses on my lips, the taste of her tongue as it runs across my teeth, her hair, her smooth skin beneath my hungry hands as i run them along her legs

she is more than i could have dreamt, more than i could have imagined, every tear falls down my cheeks and i need one more day with her, one lifetime is too little

diary, please bring her back to me, make this ache subside with her proximity, end this accursed silence with peals of her sweet laughter so i can feel hope again


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