a swirl
of conjoining colors
an array
of shades of
crimson dancing with black.

there was
nothing in the world
in that
singular instance
but two pairs of eyes
in misty understanding
that forever
was no longer
an uncertainty
but a gift.

struck by
the simple snapping together
of two
seemingly indifferent pieces
to form an image
of unity
of one
as two become
so intertwined
that there is no
bleeding through
from one
or the other.

a new shade was formed
that day.

may your fights
be short and frivolous
may your smiles
crease your cheeks
into perpetuity
may your house
be filled with laughter
may your love
never dim.

you both
said your peace
before allowing
the individual pieces
to flow together
as one

as one
you have remained
as intended
by the design of the page
as ordained
from the heavens above
as proclaimed
from two separate hearts
as one.

a piece of reality
in a world
of mirage
a guidestone
for others to follow.

a union of bliss in a sea
of uncertainty.

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