an inch closer

there is a certain time of the day, shifts as the days grow longer and shorter

the sun, growing tired of the view, content that a few moments sleep won’t hurt anyone, begins to set

i follow her lazy journey, envious as she grows closer and closer to the object of heart’s desire

as she fades over the apartment building, she sends one last kiss to reflect off the windows

it fills the room with a deep yellow, the same shade as her hair, in a blinding display

and i let it bathe me, searing away the sin of the day, an intensity i luxuriate in

in those times of photonic bombardment, where the world is nothing but a shadowy dream

it is your lips i feel, your golden locks falling, our eyes locked, making sure the other remains

i would dare walk the face of the sun, if i believed it would bring me an inch closer to you

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