it is said
no two people
see the same thing
the same way
that it is
interpreted differently
by each individual
colored by each mind
in subtle shades

so close your eyes
picture the sun
fat in the sky
feel my hand
upon yours
hear my voice
whisper lovingly into your ear
my breath
upon your lobe
my heart beat
booming in my chest

feel the breeze
on your skin
smell the scent of flowers
filling your nose
the rush of contact
the flow of electricity
from my hand
through yours

while no two people
may experience
the same event
the same way
this singular love
i send to you
is a universal constant
like the feel
of heat or cold

an intensity
i cannot contain
that i pray is received
across the aether
that tethers
our hearts
into one
so that we
may experience
every shade

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