i place my lips upon
the acorns
breathing a prayer of
love before burying
each into the soil
as the ground swells
a forest of
dedications sprouts
a sea of green
patiently waiting for
the sun to rise

running my hands
along the rough bark
each knotted whorl
an oath of adoration
reaching towards the
vacant heavens above
row after row of
new growth rising
from which to carve
our intials in the shape
of cartoon hearts
beneath the sparrow’s nest

a canopy of leaves
rustling in the breeze
serenading the land
in declarations of love
a hymnal to her
with wildflowers dancing
in her perfect smile
a constant reminder
as long as my heart beats
every breath drawn is
one colored by her beauty
each exhalation nourishes
a forest of oaken oathes

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